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Should I sue for personal injury after a car accident?

Lawsuits exist for the purpose of resolving disputes between people. The purpose of a civil case specifically is to bring the assistance of the court system to bear in resolving non-criminal disputes seeking money damages or other relief. There is nothing that should be taboo about bringing a lawsuit in and of itself. Sometimes a formal lawsuit after a car accident is helpful and necessary, and sometimes it is unnecessary. Whether or not a lawsuit is necessary depends on the circumstances of the individual case. Often, a case can be settled without a formal lawsuit, but the proposed settlement may very well not be commensurate with the actual value of the case if it were to be tried to a jury. The value of a case may not be readily apparent to an insurance adjuster or other financial decision maker, and it is only upon preparing the case for a trial by jury that its strengths and ultimately its value become undeniable. For this reason, it is quite often if not usually the case that better settlements or recoveries can be obtained by bringing a lawsuit for personal injuries after a car accident.


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