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What symptoms might I have after a car accident?

The variety of injuries that are possible from a car accident is as vast as the variety of people involved in them. High speeds and the enormous mass of today’s vehicles, as well as the variety of driving circumstances that precede an accident, render it beyond the predictive power of  even the most brilliant statisticians how the human body will be harmed in any given car crash. That being said, some patterns can be found in the body‘s reaction to physical and mental trauma. The most pervasive is that it almost always takes time for the full extent of a person’s injuries to manifest. Right after an accident, the body and mind are still in fight or flight mode. It quite literally takes time for the adrenaline to wear off and make way for pain signals. Even then, the aches and pains felt closest in time to the accident may not be the same symptoms as those that develop in the weeks and months following the collision.

Also, due to the effect of rapid deceleration on the human body in many accidents, it is very common for victims to experience shearing forces that cause damage to the soft disks cushioning the vertebrae in the spine, the connective joints throughout the body, ligaments, muscles, or even organs. The best way to improve your chances of a full return to health following an accident is to get checked out early, follow your doctor’s instructions when getting care, and get checked out again anytime symptoms change or worsen. A car accident attorney can help provide more specific suggestions regarding the legal implications of various treatment options.


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