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Nursing Home Abuse – Tacoma, WA

Putting a loved one into a nursing home can be an agonizing decision. However, it can be made worse if it turns out to be a place that your elderly loved one is not safe. Nursing homes have very serious obligations to the people we entrust to them, and if they breach that trust, they must be held accountable. A Tacoma nursing home abuse attorney can help you do just that.

How Prevalent Is Elder Abuse?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that approximately 1 in every 10 elders who live at home experience some form of abuse, and the rate is allegedly close to double that in nursing homes. It is very difficult to arrive at exact numbers, however, because the stigma against reporting is difficult to overcome. Many elders are hesitant to report abuse either because they are uncertain whether their treatment qualifies as abuse, or because the conduct is being perpetrated by a family member or caregiver. In a nursing home, there may also be a fear of retaliation or reprisal from staff members if no punishment is given.

This does not have to be the reality for your loved one. Seek the experienced counsel of a nursing home abuse lawyer in Seattle, and increase your loved one’s ability to live free of fear and harm.

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What To Look For

Not all forms of abuse are the same, but there are signs to look for to see if your loved one is being harmed. Examples include:

  • Physical. One of the most important signs is to look for unexplained physical injuries, obviously, but if they are symmetrical, that can be even more persuasive toward a finding of abuse. Symmetry may indicate being held down or pushed by the abuser.
  • Emotional. The obvious signs are controlling or harmful behavior from the caregiver, but many elderly people manifest signs of anxiety as well, if they are being abused mentally or emotionally. This behavior may look like dementia – rocking, mumbling to oneself, and the like.
  • Signs of neglect or self-neglect. The hallmark of this type of abuse is wounds that are sustained even though competent care would avoid them. Bed sores are the classic example, but this can also manifest as being dirty, wearing soiled clothes and generally being ill cared for.
  • Financial exploitation. This is the most common non-physical type of abuse, with caregivers most often stealing or embezzling money or medications. It can entirely wipe out assets an elderly person may have had for their entire life.

If you suspect elder abuse, it is always a good idea to ask questions. A Seattle personal injury lawyer can help you separate truth from fiction.

Contact A Tacoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

Nursing homes have a legal duty to safeguard the lives and happiness of our loved ones that we entrust to their care. If your loved one has been a victim of abuse, it is best to contact an attorney. Stephen Hornbuckle of The Hornbuckle Firm understands the law surrounding elder abuse cases, and will help you get through what can be a difficult and frightening time with knowledge and compassion. Contact our offices at (425) 679-0742 to discuss your case.


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Please call (425) 679-0742 or contact The Hornbuckle Firm today to schedule your free nursing home abuse and neglect consultation. The firm has litigated cases in Washington, Tennessee, and Texas. We accept cases from all states across the country.


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