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What is my head injury worth?

As with any injury case, a head injury can correspond to a wide range of case values depending on the circumstances of the case as well as the manner in which the case is handled. A common head injury after an accident is a mild traumatic brain injury. The suffering experienced by victims of this condition is usually not “mild” in any sense of the word. Even a mild brain injury can cause lasting effects from headaches to confusion to personality changes and cognitive deficits. While no case should be plugged into some quick calculation in an attempt to decipher its value, this is especially true for a head or brain injury case. These cases can easily reach very high values through early and persistent hard work and time spent developing them due to the lasting nature of the effects they often leave. At the beginning of a case, the very important details that make these cases so valuable often remain unknown, so a very rough range may be the best estimate that an experienced attorney can honestly provide. The details that affect the value of a head injury case include but are not limited to:

  • Circumstances of accident
  • Defendant’s level of blameworthiness
  • Symptom intensity
  • Symptom duration
  • Level of disability
  • Number and credibility of lay witnesses
  • Mechanism of injury
  • Imaging findings
  • Neuropsychological testing results
  • Costs of medical treatment and/or life care plan
  • Consistency of medical care
  • Age
  • Work history and income level


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