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What is my whiplash injury worth?

Every injury is different. Anyone who suggests that any two injuries are the same has never had to prove an injury case at trial. What a case is worth depends on many different factors, some of which can change or develop during the lifespan of a case. The variables include, among many others, who the insurance company is, whether or not you have any pre-existing injuries or conditions, the anatomical nature of the injury, the severity of the crash, and how the driver and the injured person are likely to be perceived by a jury in terms of their respective believability. Neck and back injuries can be more difficult to recoup their full value because insurance companies tend to be overconfident in their ability to convince a jury that someone with a neck or a back injury is exaggerating or faking their injuries. That being said, neck and back injuries after a whiplash incident can be the most severe and debilitating injuries possible. Therefore, the experience and the willingness of an injury attorney if the case should go to trial are very important in maximizing the value of a whiplash injury.


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