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Birth Defects Linked To Opioid Use

By January 27, 2015February 9th, 2017Birth Injury

A new report by the CDC suggests many pregnant women are being prescribed opioids for pain, despite their known link to birth defects. According to the report, 27.7 percent of pregnant women with private insurance were prescribed potentially dangerous opioid medications between 2008 and 2012. That number rose to 40 percent of pregnant women who were Medicaid recipients during that time.

Doctors who prescribe dangerous medications to pregnant women are fully aware of the risks they are taking. When an injury or defect is caused by this type of negligence, mothers and their families have every right to hold the responsible party accountable and seek compensation for damages.

Pregnant women should be able to trust their doctor’s judgment and be fully informed of any risks certain medications may pose. Risks that are not discussed or are intentionally minimized pose large threats to mothers and their babies, and demand swift and aggressive legal action.

Seattle birth injury lawyer Stephen Hornbuckle understands the difficulties that can follow medical negligence and is here to help your family get the justice you are due. Please contact us today online or by calling (425) 679-0742 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your rights.

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