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Any type of injury to the head or brain can be extremely serious, so you always want to seek medical attention if you have suffered any trauma to your head. A medical professional can perform diagnostic and imaging tests to determine whether the trauma resulted in a head injury or a brain injury. The terms “head injury” and “brain injury” are often used interchangeably though they are technically different. The following are some distinctions between these two injuries.

Head Injury

Medically speaking, a “head injury” is damage caused to the skull, scalp, or any part of the protective layer around the brain. Your skull and scalp exist to take the brunt of any trauma that occurs to protect the delicate brain tissue and to preserve brain functioning. In some cases, the skull will do its job and an accident victim will sustain injury to their skull or scalp without damaging any of the brain tissue. Such head injuries can include skull fractures, lacerations to the skin or scalp, and bruising of the skull or scalp. Surgery may be needed to repair certain skull fractures and anyone who has a head injury should also be tested and monitored for a potential brain injury.

Brain Injury

A brain injury occurs when the blow to the head caused damage to the actual tissue of the brain. This can happen in different ways, including the brain bouncing off the inside of the skull, a skull fracture splintering and the bone entering the brain tissue, or the brain rattling against the skull. Brain injuries can have many different symptoms depending on the location, nature, and severity of the damage. Some symptoms can include:

  • Loss of balance or coordination;
  • Difficulty communicating orally or in writing;
  • Difficulty controlling emotions;
  • Memory loss;
  • Sleep disturbances;
  • Trouble with focus and concentration;
  • Depression and anxiety; and
  • Additional cognitive, physical, or psychological difficulties.

Brain injury symptoms can keep a victim from working or attending school and can last for days, weeks, or even years. Some brain injury victims never fully recover and must live with permanent disabilities or impairments. Brain injury victims also often face extensive medical expenses for the treatment for their brain injuries.

Call For A Free Consultation With A Seattle Brain Injury Lawyer

If you have been diagnosed with a brain or head injury due to an accident or sports injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the losses you incurred due to medical costs, lost earnings, and more. In addition, if your injury was particularly serious, you may be able to recover for pain and suffering, as well as any permanent effects the injury will have on your life. These cases can be complicated, however, so you always want to ensure you have a reliable brain injury law firm handling your case. At The Hornbuckle Firm, attorney Stephen Hornbuckle and his dedicated team have helped many individuals recover financially after Washington brain injuries. Please call our personal injury law firm at (425) 679-0742 for a free consultation regarding brain injury help today.

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