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Gluten Free Cheerios

By October 12, 2015February 9th, 2017Product Liability

The FDA has received dozens of complaints from people with Celiac Disease and wheat allergies following the consumption of “gluten free” Cheerios. Turns out, the process General Mills is aggressively advertising as an advanced way to remove gluten from Cheerios is not entirely effective – and many people are now paying the price.

If you have become sick after eating a food marketed as safe for your dietary needs you may be entitled to compensation. Call Seattle product liability attorney Stephen Hornbuckle at (425) 679-0742 to learn more.

The consumption of gluten for people with Celiac causes more than just abdominal pain; it increases risks for cancer and other serious diseases as well. Marketing a product as gluten free when it is not in fact free of this protein is dangerous for people who suffer from this disease and something corporations need to be held accountable for.

Serious illness resulting from the consumption of a product you were told – through aggressive advertising and on-the-box labeling – was safe may entitle you to compensation for medical expenses and related damages. The best way to learn if you are entitled to seek compensation is by contacting the Hornbuckle Firm and scheduling your free consultation today.

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