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Have Trucking Regulations Changed?

By May 18, 2015February 9th, 2017Truck Accidents

The one year anniversary of the truck accident that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed fellow artist James McNair will occur in June. Sadly, in the year that has passed since this truck accident, regulations regarding drive times and other trucking safety concerns have been largely dismissed. In fact, outside of a few relatively toothless new proposals, nothing at all has been done to improve the safety of those who share the road with truckers.

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Truckers are limited to the number of hours they can drive consecutively, though required “rest periods” are largely left up to interpretation. In the case involving Mr. Morgan, the trucker hadn’t been operating his rig longer than the approved time, but neither had he slept nor taken time to rest prior to beginning his haul. Until regulations regarding this type of behavior are addressed, sleepy truckers will continue to pose a serious risk to everyone on the road.

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