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Washington State Dog Bite Laws

By September 28, 2015February 9th, 2017Animal Attacks

In the state of Washington, the owner of a dog is strictly liable for any injuries their animal causes – even if it was not previously known the animal was dangerous. What’s more, anyone who knowingly harbors a dog that has bitten someone before can be held liable for damages if the animal attacks again. This law does not typically apply to landlords, though under certain circumstances they too may be liable for injuries.

If you have been attacked by an out of control animal in Washington, call Seattle dog bite attorney Stephen Hornbuckle at (425) 679-0742 for a free consultation to learn more about your rights.

While dog bite laws in Washington State may seem straight forward, it is never a good idea to try and negotiate compensation on your own. Insurance companies have a long history of cheating victims of serious injury out of fair compensation and only with an experienced dog bite lawyer on your side can you be sure you are treated fairly and provided the full compensation you are due.

If you are in need of a dog bite attorney in Seattle or surrounding areas of Washington, please contact the Hornbuckle Firm to schedule a free consultation today.

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