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Avoiding Arbitration In Nursing Home Cases

By November 27, 2013February 9th, 2017Nursing Home Abuse

An arbitration agreement is a contract in which the parties give up their right to a jury trial and agree to have any disputes heard by a private decision maker called an arbitrator. Here is an article I wrote about arbitration contracts in nursing home cases. It was written primarily with lawyers in mind but non-lawyers might find it interesting as well. The short version for non-lawyers is: don’t sign anything that gives up your right to a jury trial. The problem is that when someones’s loved one is admitted to a nursing home, the facility shoves a stack of paperwork in front of the family member. And the family member gives up their right to a jury trial without realizing it. Try to at least skim the documents and don’t sign anything that mentions arbitration or jury trials.

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